What's included?

Boot Camp is an interactive skill-building program where students practice and discuss the skills required for success in school. This course explains how to create your own boot camp and run activities that develop five essential skills: teamwork, communication, organization, reading and problem solving.

  • Videos and digital resources that explain how to run 30 experiential learning activities

  • Tips and teaching strategies that motivate students and create classroom community

  • Everything you need to run an entire boot camp or just a few activities in your classroom

  • *BONUS* Ten classroom games that generate fun, energy, and excitement


    1. Opening Exercises

    2. Count to Six Activity

    3. Thumbs Activity

    4. Jerry Rice Video

    5. Spoons Activity

    6. Sample Opening Excercises PowerPoint

    1. Spider Web Activity

    2. Spider Web Assembly Instructions

    3. Platoon Lift

    4. Slack Line

    5. The Analogy

    6. The Analogy Activity- PowerPoint

    7. Upchuck

    8. Human Knots

    1. Communication Shapes

    2. Communication Shapes PowerPoint

    3. Duct Tape Skiing

    4. Silent Grid

    5. NASA: Lost on the Moon

    6. NASA: Lost on the Moon Worksheet

    7. NASA: Lost on the Moon PowerPoint

    1. The Puzzle

    2. Puzzle Assembly Instructions

    3. Fish Riddle

    4. Fish Riddle Download

    5. Perfection and Rice Demonstration

    1. Sample Reading Packet

About this course

  • $59.99
  • 61 lessons
  • 3.5 hours of video content