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Do you want to preview an entire packet for free? Email with your school email account and share a link to your faculty website so we can verify that you are a teacher.

Bulk Discounts (Watch Video Above)

Ultimate Review Packets are sold with a per-student license for one school year. DO NOT use any of the videos or resources with your students unless you place a bulk order. All of your students must have a license if you plan to use any of the study guides, videos, or practice exams in your class.

  • AP Macro, AP Micro, AP Gov/Politics, or AP Human Geography- $10 per student

  • AP US History, AP World History, or AP Calculus- $15 per student

  • Essay Cram Course- $13 per student

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  • I'm a teacher and I purchased a packet before I learned about the free teacher trial. Can I get a refund?

    Yes. Please email us at and we will refund you and get you a free teacher trial ASAP.

  • How do the licenses work?

    When you order "x" number of licenses, you can use the packet with "x" number of students for one school year. Do not share any of the study guides, videos, or practice exams with your students unless they each have a license.

  • Do the licenses expire?

    All licenses expire July 1, 2020. If you want to use any of the resources in the Ultimate Review Packet the next school year you need to purchase more licenses.

  • Is there is minimum number of students required to get a bulk discount?

    Yes. You must order at least 10 licenses to get a bulk discount.

  • I have 3 classes with 30 students each. Can I buy one class-set of 30 licenses? 

    No. Each student needs a license. You need a license for the total number of students that you have.

  • How do my students get access to the packet if I place an order?

    Once you place an order we will send you a unique coupon code that will allow your students to access the Ultimate Review Packet at no cost.

  • Can my students get access to the packet while my school is processing my order? 

    Yes. We will give you the coupon code once your school agrees to pay. You don't have to wait until we receive payment.

  • How do I place an order? 

    Complete the order form above or email Include your name, school, type of packet, and the total number of students. We will send you a link so you can pay online or your school can submit a purchase order via email.