Worksheets can only be purchased by teachers/schools

  • Student Engagement- Each worksheet maximizes engagement by having students apply the content and skills they need in your AP class

  • Perfect Alignment- Every topic in the AP curriculum has at least one worksheet which covers the essential knowledge and skills outlined by the College Board

  • Experienced Creators- Our worksheets are created by classroom AP teachers that know everything about the course and have served as AP Exam Readers or Table Leaders

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do the annual licenses work?

    Purchasing an annual license grants teachers/schools permission to use the worksheets with a specific number of students for one school year. Annual licenses expire on July 1st after the school year.

  • I have 3 classes with 30 students each. Can I buy one class-set of 30?

    No. Just like the Ultimate Review Packet, you need a license for each student that will use these worksheets.

  • Can I get a multi-year license?

    Yes! When filling out the order form please indicate how many years you would like to use the worksheets.

  • How do I receive the worksheets?

    The worksheets are 100% digital. Once you place an order you will receive an email with instructions and the download links. Since orders are filled manually to prevent students from purchasing the worksheets, it may take up to 2 business days to receive access to the worksheets.

  • My district has 200 students in a specific subject. Can I split the order with teachers at the other schools?

    No. The license is for one school and cannot be split between several schools. Please contact us if you are interested in a district license.

  • Will my students get direct access to the worksheets and answer keys?

    No. Only the teacher will have access to the worksheets and answer keys.

  • How do I give my students the worksheets?

    You can print out the worksheets to use in class or give them to your students via email, on a secure website, or your LMS. Please do not post worksheets on unsecured websites or share the answer keys.

  • How do I pay?

    Fill out the order form to request a payment link. You or your school can pay online or submit a purchase order and send a check.

  • Can I get access to the worksheets while my school is processing my order?

    Yes. We will give you access to the worksheets once your school agrees to pay.